Sphatik Pure Silver Mala

Sphatik Pure Silver Mala

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Size: 6mm

Material: Pure Silver

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Sphatik, also called Quardstone, is one of the most demanded gemstone because it is known to relieve a lot of psychiatric pressures and tensions. It is a cooling stone and it is worn by people who need relief from their daily mental pressures of all sorts.

Sphatik, is actually a hardended form of clear carbon, just not hard enough, or old enough like a diamond. Sphatik is also known as the coolant because it is very cold and it also makes the wearer very relaxed and chilled.

Sphatik is governed by astrological planet Moon. It is also the planet of attraction, love, calmness and coolness of mind. The Wearer fo Sphatik is generally a person who needs freedom from mental issues like depression, anxiety, stress, overthinking or arrests. Also, the wearer of Sphatik is the person who needs clarity of thought processes and a calm mindset to think things through properly. The planet moon also has the similar characteristics. The wearer is never devoid of mental peace because Sphatik becomes a shield and keeps the brain and heart healthy.

The Quardstone is also blessed with Goddess Lakshmi, which means that the wearer of Sphatik mala is also blessed by Goddess Lakshmi. The wearer of this mala will never be poor or into a deep sense of poverty. There will be no financial or non-financial burden on the wearer of Sphatik Mala. 

The combined powers of Moon and Lakshmi will make the person not just financially smart and stable, but will also make the person very light-headed and lovable. The personality of the wearer will enhance slowly and this is a very big reason why Sphatik Mala is highly in demand and is worn so frequently.

Silver is a calming element. It is the only metal in the periodic table that makes the body relaxed and eased out, and yet looks decently stylish in its own form. It is generally advised to wear Sphatik Mala with silver because this is the ultimate combination of calmness, coolness, and a chilled environment. The added benefit of silver to the combined powers of Moon and Goddess Saraswati makes the wearer the most apple-of-everyone’s-eye kind-of-a-person and thus, Silver is a highly powerful combination to wear with Sphatik mala.

This is a special diamond cut Sphatik mala in 8 mm size capped in pure silver capping. The beads are 54+1 in number and can be increased to 108+1 in number on request. Although, 54+1 is the optimum wearing size so we made it like so at the instruction of our customers.

We will be open to any kind of customization requests with this on-demand. Just send us a hello at 8542929702 and we will be there for you because we understand the value of emotions and belief sentiments and we want to hold your hand while you make a decision to purchase anything from us. We would be happy to serve you in any manner possible. Till then stay happy, stay blessed and keep shopping..!!

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